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Scudo Bathrooms

Shower Enclosures, Wetrooms & Trays

Designed in the UK for UK households

With a strong ethos for serving the needs of a UK customer base, our product engineers boast the experience and expertise in designing shower enclosures for the most popular British brands of the past 10 years. As such, we understand the conditions and expectations our designs must meet in order to last, both aesthetically and functionally, ensuring quick and easy installation for installers without any restrictions on quality and longevity for our end users.

Acqua Shield Glass Cleaning Technology

As a standard sign of performance and quality, Scudo Acqua Shield is expertly applied to all shower enclosures in this range. By forming a protective bond with the glass during the manufacturing process, Acqua Shield creates an invisible barrier against lime scale, soap scum and general bacterial build-up. Scudo Acqua Shield also goes to work with environmental and economical savings, as its long-lasting defense against daily grime ensures a noticeable decrease in the ongoing need for bathroom cleaning products.

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